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Average rating for Ring Ring is 8.8

Thoughts From Date Rating
Great album great band still are the best. All do like all the songs but my favourite is Love (Isnt easy but it sure is hard enough) and of course ring ring. Bjorn and benny great song writers and agnetha and frida are great singers Megs
5 Jun 2010 7

I love all there albums but I do like ring ring the best and I like all of abbas songs I think they are all great musicans couldnt live without listening to there music everyday Megs
7 Aug 2009 10

Well to me the oringal polar cd version is good better thank even the reisuses of the album. But the lp is as good as the cd as I own the oringal cd and lp. JonathaN Bollen
5 Apr 2007 10

Back in 1980 the Ring Ring album (dutch version) appeared in stores in Germany. I saved some money (I was 12 then) and bought it in the autumn. But soon after that I had to hate it, because Super Trouper was released, which I didn't knew before. I had no money left, so I had to wait until XMas, then I finally got it ;-).

But today I really enjoy listening to Ring Ring - even more than to Super Trouper.

Taste change.

By the way, my favourite album is The Album.
5 Feb 2007 8


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