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Average rating for Arrival is 9.8

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I have wierd but vivid memories as a 5 year old, this was my very first piece of vinyl. I used to wake up super early and put this record on my old second hand, mono record player before my parents woke up, I'd sit and stare at the record going round and dream of dancing with Frieda... I can still remember the smell of the vinyl mixed with the wierd electrical smell of the record player.... I did this every day for months! And I STILL listen to this album on occasion, it really takes me on a journey to that moment almost 40 years ago...... Mark
1 Sept 2015 10

Great album, great band all there albums are great. But this one is the best, my favourite songs are move on, name of the game and eagle. Love them all if I could speak to abba I would say they are wonderful the best band ever. Megs
25 May 2010 9

Hello! I am a huge Abba fan, and have been so since the age of 8 when they won in Brighton. I love all of their albums, but Arrival is by no doubt their best! I remember the day when my dad brought the record home after he had finished work. He and my mum have all the old Abba records in the attic. All worn out, my sisters and me played them over and over again. Arrival is the best, because it is perfect, and contains 3 of their biggest hits ever; Knowing me, knowing you, Money, money, money and Dancing queen. I love them, especially Frida. Super Trouper I think is their second best album. Anita
11 Apr 2007 10

By far my favourite album, with The Visitors hot on its heels. A lively, balanced mix of the brooding (Knowing...), the happy (Dancing...), the sad, (My Love...), the nostalgic (When I Kissed...), and the mercenary (Money...), all a rabid ABBA fan could wish for and more! Rosie
2 Feb 2007 10


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