True Colours | 16 June 2004

Guess how many times I played Agnetha's new album yet? Hundreds? Nope! Dozens? Nope! Probably not more than 10 or 15 times. And I stopped playing it. Because it just doesn't grow on me. It's much too mediocre.

I admit: the voice is still in good shape. And the production is not bad. But what a weak combination of songs! Individually the songs are not bad at all. But the combination of the same kind of songs is simply boring. At first I gave it the benefit of the doubt, but now I know that it won't be my favourite album of 2004. Far from it.

Of course Agnetha goes back to her roots and she has every right to do so. But I am so sorry that her roots tend to be a couple of boring middle of the road songs. It all just fades away, there's hardly a track that makes you wanna go listen to the album again. Only one track blows me away and that's the final track What now my love. Thank god that Agnetha included it, otherwise I would have fallen asleep long before. But 1 track out of 13 is not much.

And what happened to that powerful pop-voice? I want songs like Hole in your soul and So long. Agnetha just doesn't take any chances with the songs on My Colouring Book. And that's a bloody shame.

Her new single When you walk in the room is OK. For diehard fans like us. But the rest of the world probably doesn't give a damn. And rightly so. If you don't want to take risks, if you play it safe, if you refuse to record new and modern songs, then you can't expect people to run to the shops for your new single. No matter how many remixes have been made.

I am sorry that I can't get excited over this album. I can't help comparing it with Frida's latest album Djupa Andetag which is SO much better than My Colouring Book. If only Djupa would have been recorded in English .

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