No more champagne | 20 June 2005

Sometimes ABBA is out of my mind and out of my sight. Like now. No ABBA and no solo. And that feels good.

In the past there were times when my love for ABBA slowly faded away. Of course it never stops, but the flame of fandom certainly isn't big.

The first time was in the end of 1989. Not much happened on the ABBA front and other activities and music were more important. So ABBA kinda slipped back to the background of my life. That lasted about two years. After that, possibly partly because of ABBA Gold, the music came back. That lasted another couple of years.

Until 1995. Again ABBA was not my favourite stuff. I felt I knew the music and solo activities were at an all time low. That non-ABBA phase lasted two years. In the end of 1996 the love blossomed. Why? Because of the discovery of the internet and email.

I started surfing like crazy and looked for ABBA all over the internet. Alt.music.abba was my favourite newsgroup and everything ABBA looked new and fresh. And when I started to make my own ABBA site, things went a bit further.

From that time onwards and much to my surprise life was an ABBA fest.

But now the doom has returned. I don't feel like working on ABBA Plaza as much as I used to. I don't play ABBA very often and I'm kinda ABBA-numb. And this time I think I know why: The past couple of years have been mega ABBA years for me: moderating the forum at the official site, Mamma Mia 5 years, lots of new and interesting releases and finally the so-called mini-reunion in February.

And then the ABBA switch was set to Off. Too much ABBA can kill you, you know. So I'm on an ABBA break now. Maybe this is just because summer finally is coming to Europe. Which is not the best time behind a computer screen. Even writing a column like this takes more time than usual.

But hey, things will be different and back to a "normal" ABBA high in a few months from now. It happened before you know. So long live ABBA: now and in the future.

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