Kimono | 26 March 2006

ABBA's peak year is 1976. There's no doubt about it. Their fame and their creativity was unrivaled in those days. And so was the exposure of the 4 ABBA members.

There was no other time in ABBA's career that showed the members in such a self confident state as during the release of Arrival. One of the most famous photo shoots, the kimono session, is from that period. The happiness and joy beams out of the pictures. You can find several pictures from the session in two books by Wolfgang Heilemann. And they are without exception well worth looking at.

Man of those pictures have been used by ABBA. Because they showed the pure group? Because of the energy? Because of the unity? Or simply because they were very usable pictures intended for the people who bought their singles and albums? We all know that there was a huge demand for new ABBA pictures in those days. Not only in Europe, but practically anywhere. The group was on top of the pop universe and it would remain there for a few more years.

Seeing the excitement in these pictures, I decided to change my homepage again. I said farewell to the much more serious drawings from The Album and now you see a bunch of laughing Swedes on the front page. It makes the site look much less serious and much brighter. Exactly what I wanted.

This ABBA picture shows more than any other picture the motto of ABBA Plaza: "a fun ABBA site".

From now on I will focus more on the content: new screensavers, extra pages focusing on the "fun" part. So I'd like to welcome you all at the new and fresh ABBA Plaza – a fun ABBA site.

picture belonging to column Kimono

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