No more awards please! | 12 February 2009

In the last couple of years, the former ABBA members received numerous awards. Best musical here, greatest Eurovision song there, lifetime achievement award this, ivor novello award that.

Every single time one or more of the ABBA members attended the ceremony and collected the award. In most cases the gentlemen Ulvaeus and Andersson showed up. Usually together, occasionally alone. Sometimes misses Lyngstad arrived on the scene. And in extremely rare cases even a certain A. Fältskog took a sleeveless dress out of her wardrobe and went to the awards show.

The four Swedes attended other ABBA related ceremonies as well. Like for example the Mamma Mia! Movie premiere in Stockholm in July 2008. Then the famous foursome surprised the press by a now famous photo opportunity on Benny's hotel balcony. ABBA could be photographed together, but they were standing far away from each other causing photographers to make pictures that always showed a large Mamma Mia! Movie banner.

From a commercial point of view this was very clever. Every newspaper in the world printed the "ABBA reunion" picture, thus advertising the movie. Unsurprisingly the film was a major blockbuster and this free advertising helped a lot to promote the movie.

This success makes me fear that stunts like that will happen again. As soon as CD sales drop to a disturbing level, there will be some kind of event or award ceremony and on we go with the ABBA show. You bet that ABBA sales go up worldwide.

In January 2009 a similar thing happened. Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet organised an awards ceremony. Every phenomenon from the current Swedish pop scene was there. There was one special prize: the lifetime achievement award. And, oh wonder, completely out of the blue ABBA received this award. This time the ABBA ladies accepted the award in a rarely seen collective performance. And this resulted in ten brilliant tv minutes, I have to admit.

Again all photographers went crazy. Newspaper editors all over the world wet their pants after hearing the quote that the ABBA ladies never argued in the past. They really did not hate each other back then. No, really, they didn't. And another useless newspaper article was written. A complete forest went down because of old news.

I'm a very loyal ABBA fan and I am sick of seeing these events with only half of ABBA again and again. So here's an appeal to all four former ABBA members:

NEVER AGAIN attend ABBA related events as duo, trio or single person! For god's sake, please attend an award ceremony TOGETHER for once. And when you do, you collect the prize and tell the world that you have had it with ceremonies. At that moment you promise to never ever collect another award. Let them send it to Sweden from now on!

Why do I ask? Well, it's fabulous to watch the ABBA's talking about the ABBA days. But it is also very frustrating, because it hurts never ever seeing them talk TOGETHER. So please don't do it at all then. It's together or not at all! And if "together is not an option" then simply close the ABBA book once and for all.

Dear ABBA, do we have a deal? Great!

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