All those years ago | 31 August 2009

Yesterday I was in a restaurant with my wife and daughters celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary. We started talking about my ABBA collection and how it all began. While we were talking about those times, it suddenly hit me: exactly 25 years ago I met Frida in Amsterdam; the first time I met an ABBA member in real life.

Twenty five years ago! A quarter of a century! Time flies when you're having fun.

Sometimes you know when there's a defining moment in your life. You know because you get goose bumps all over just thinking about it. You know because you smile when you see the old photographs. You know when you can actually see every detail of the moment when you close your eyes. You know when you get a bit emotional holding the autographed records in your hands.

Such a defining ABBA moment for me was 30 August 1984. It was the start of my definite passion for the group. From 1976 until August 1984 I bought every new ABBA record. After August 1984 I had to have EVERY ABBA record ever made in the world.

From 1984 onwards Record Collector magazine was my best friend. Record shops were my second home. Record fairs were like holiday resorts. Collecting ABBA became a serious job and not some obscure hobby.

And the passion is still in me. Not a single day goes by without reading ABBA related e-mails or without looking for ABBA goodies on eBay.

I'm still very passionate about collecting and I still get excited when there's a new ABBA release, like the upcoming ABBA in Japan DVD. At the same time I carry with me lots of ABBA memories from an exciting era called the seventies.

Remembering all those years, makes me realize how old I really am. I'm an old fart now. 47 years of age and still an ABBA fan.

I'm an oldie! And proud of it.

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