Kristina - The verdict | 11 October 2009

In the past couple of weeks ABBA fans around the globe kept talking about the Kristina concert in New York. Fans from everywhere travelled to Carnegie Hall to witness the event. I didn't go.

I've listened to Björn and Benny's musical Kristina från Duvemåla once in it's completeness. Gave it a second listen and stopped during the third listen. I decided long ago that it's not my kind of music. Maybe when I'm old and wise I'll give it another go.

There's a couple of nice tracks on it, I must admit that, but the Kristina Greatest Hits is more than enough for me. Honestly: a CD-single would be just fine, thank you.

There's this strange thing about ABBA fans. They seem to be so loyal to the group that they buy and like and love EVERY thing they release. OK, our musical tastes change when we get older. You can't keep swinging to Honey, Honey or So Long when you're fifty years old. Oh well, of course you can, but you know what I mean.

Sometimes it seems that the taste of an ABBA fan is the exact duplicate of what the ABBAs release from time to time. Don't we have a mind of our own? I bet that if B&B would record the sound they make in their toilets, most ABBA fans would buy it, love it and go see the musical.

I simply don't get that behaviour. To me ABBA is OK, quite a few solo projects are fine, but there's also a lot of solo (pre- AND post-ABBA) rubbish out there. Please dear ABBA fans, admit that, so I won't feel so alone.

I always thought I was a fanatic ABBA collector and I know there is a difference between fans and collectors. Collectors care about the records and the music, fans go one step further. On top of that it seems that the Kristina adoration is far worse / stronger than ABBA admiration. I simply don't get that. All the ahs and ohs about a musical in a language I don't understand. Pfffffffff.

All I want to say is: don't become B&B slaves or groupies. By liking every little piece they release, you're one step closer to becoming a dangerously sweaty obsessed fan. Which is short for FANatic anyway.

I mean, no offense to anyone who reads this, but pleeeeeeaaaaaaase get a life apart from ABBA. There is more than B&B. I am a fan too, I buy every single or album they release, but let's keep an open mind and stay a bit critical.

Having said that, I think it's time to go back to my regular programmed medication :-)

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