Hall of Fame | 26 March 2010

On Monday 15 March 2010 ABBA has been inducted into the world famous Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Is that good news or bad news?

After years of disappointment for ABBA fans ("another year without nomination") this year it finally happened: ABBA would be inducted. Amongst ABBA fans two kind of reactions could be heard:

  1. The nomination came too late. It was no longer necessary

  2. Is ABBA actually Rock and Roll?

To answer the first question: I would say, better late than never! A nomination by fellow musicians is definitely recognition for ABBA's craftsmanship. And that's always flattering.

I agree that the induction could or should have happened ten years ago. Even back in the nineties famous rock musicians claimed that they actually liked ABBA a lot.

But ABBA was not a standard rock and roll band. Well not in the American traditional sense. Most ABBA fans tend to see ABBA too much from a positive European point of view.

Because, let's face it, ABBA did not have a big influence on the music scene in America. They had a couple of big hits, but they only had one number 1 hit single. Not much for a group that ruled the pop scene in Europe and created hysteria in Australia.

But does it actually mater that ABBA is not a true rock and roll band? Of course not! It's no reason not to be inducted in the Hall Of Fame. There are many more artists that can't possibly be qualified as rock act that have been inducted: Jimmy Cliff, Madonna, Percy Sledge, Grandmaster Flash and the furious five. The list is endless.

So why couldn't ABBA fit in nicely? Actually I think they fit in even better than other so called Hall Of Fame heroes.

When an artist is inducted they either perform or at least make an acceptance speech. Fans and media of course speculated that it would be the perfect opportunity for a small reunion. Well, bollocks if you ask me!

Why would they reform because of the Hall Of Fame? They have been asked many times and ignored the rumours. The induction was just another moment that seemed ideal to reform. Well, to the media that was.

And there could definitely be no reunion in the USA if you consider Agnetha's fear of flying an issue. This meant that a maximum of three former ABBA's would be present. And that would automatically cause lots of new stories, like "ABBA fighting all the time" or "the blonde blocks reunion" and similar tabloid headlines. So no reunion was in order.

Instead only two member appeared: Frida and Benny attended the ceremony and made a nice acceptance speech.

ABBA has been inducted in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Justice at last!

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