Crisis? What crisis? | 25 June 2010

This editorial is about the age at which you ask yourself: is my life what it was supposed to be? You guessed right: it's about the so called midlife crisis.

According to all sources I should be in the middle of that crisis. I am almost fifty, I have a nice job and a nice family. Reason enough to wonder what I want to be when I grow up. I do that constantly of course.

Where will I be in 2015 or 2020? Do I still enjoy work? Are the children already living on their own? Am I a granddad yet?

Am I still an ABBA fan in ten years time?

Or a rather frightening thought: are all ABBA's still alive then? Because, no matter how much fun life is, sooner or later we all die. Even the ABBA's do not live forever. In ten years they will all be in their seventies, so who knows what's going to happen.

Well, I suppose they will continue to live for at least another decade or so. But stranger things have happened. You just never know when the big reaper will come and get you.

Anyway: back to the initial question: will I still be a fan in another five or ten years? Will I still buy the umpteenth remastered series of CDs (if these discs still exists in 2020)? Do I still attend ABBA fan club meetings?

It seems a terrible idea that ten years from now ABBA days are only visited by a bunch of slightly overweight senior citizens. That is horrifying thought. Imagine what these days look like ...

A friend of mine once said that you really should stop this fan nonsense when you're over fifty. He is of course fifty. Being a fan, isn't that something for little children? My honest answer: YES, definitely. I mean most of us became fans in our teens. We just never properly grew up :)

Is that bad? Nope! Is it "healthy" or "normal" to buy every little thing from a band that has been a memory for almost thirty years now? Absolutely not.

Am I going to stop being an avid ABBA fan and collector then? Well uh, no, not yet. My record collection is still far from complete:)

But perhaps I will grow up and get some brains after all. I could still be "old and wise" you know. Yes I know, my chances are slim. But in case I DO grow up, I will throw my priceless ABBA collection in my garbage can.

Because let's face it: suppose you're almost fifty and you're still proud to own ABBA Barbie dolls. Well, then you're really in a crisis.

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