Songs Of Innocence | 14 September 2014

9 September 2014 was a great day for U2 fans. U2 announced the release of their latest album Songs of Innocence. And even better: it would be free of charge in iTunes. I am already dreaming about such an ABBA release.

For the record: U2 gets paid by Apple for the release and we're talking about a substantial amount of money here. But still, the idea of giving the fans a new album for free is very appealing. And since U2 and ABBA share the same record company some ABBA related ideas have popped in my head.

Because ABBA is a non-existing group, we can't expect a truly new album. But we can always turn to the vaults. And although Benny claims there is nothing in the can that ABBA considers release worthy, we all know that this is a big lie.

Look at the past where ABBA has proven otherwise many, many times. There is lots of material. And it's waiting to be released. For instance: ABBA always said there were no full concert recordings and look what we get in a few of weeks from now.

Just in case ABBA reads this: there is always room for great releases on my shelf. How about a full 1977 concert? Every concert in Australia has been filmed in full. So there must be boxes full of magnetic tapes with concert footage. Enough for a brilliant live album.

Why not release an ABBA in Australia album free of charge in iTunes? And release it six weeks later in full on a mind boggling deluxe CD with extra tracks? ABBA fans will do anything to get I Am An A in its stereophonic glory. And they'll trade their children for a crystal clear version of the mini musical The Girl With The Golden Hair.

U2 has lead the way releasing stuff for fans only. It CAN be done. Why not release a very limited edition of an Outtakes album in iTunes to fan club members only? Or just give away this album with a two year fan club subscription? Again: U2 has done similar things in the past ten years.

When it comes to treating hard core fan club members in all honestly I must say that U2 seem to care a lot more for its fan base than ABBA.

But... That can change. If only A, B, B & F want to. Everything is possible. As long as people want to. So here is a plea to ABBA and their management team: go the extra mile.


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