Reel to reel

This now obsolete format was available until ABBA's latest official album The SIngles in 1982.
CD Video

The VCD never really made it. You needed a quite powerful computer to play these discs. It's hard to obtain nowadays thanks to the breakthough of the DVD format. The quality of the images on your computer is the same or just a tiny bit better than VHS-tape quality. Watching clips from a DVD on a large TV screen is preferable.

DCC or Digital Compact Cassette is one of those formats that never really made it. It was supposed to replace the popular MC-format and in fact you could play the old MC tapes on a DCC-player. Unfortunately lack of interest from record companies other than DCC inventor Philips was the main reason for flopping. Philips opponent Sony didn't believe in DCC and developed MiniDisc at about the same time.
8 Track

Much to my own surprise I recently discovered that many ABBA albums had been released on 8 track. In fact even "The Visitors" was available on 8 Track. And that's even more strange if you think that MC tapes had definitely replaced it's predecessor some five years before. If you want to get some 8 track tapes: they're not as expensive as you might think. Though they have been deleted, most of them are available for less than US $ 10 a piece.

This is a quite old format. Believe it or not, but thirty years ago you could go out and buy these discs. And even today new releases keep appearing. There are several specialist shops on the internet that have them in stock. Recent ABBA releases include ABBA Gold.


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