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De gemiddelde score voor The Visitors is 9.3

Verhaal Van Datum Cijfer
My grandmother has this record and I always listen to it when I'm at her house and relax with the visitors blasting the house down. Her favourite song is head over heels and mine is when all is said and done.
I enjoy every song on the album and I don't know why people hate two for the price of one, I think its great.
The album is my favourite and its a masterpiece.
Alex Bury
28 jul 2015 10

Luv this album very much. My favorite album of ABBA. Such a masterpiece and it's even better than Arrival and The Album. Chandler
31 okt 2014 9

The first album I owned by Abba was a vinyl edition of "The album". I loved every song on it. When in the early 90's I started to buy the other albums on CD I noticed that ABBA improved with every album they made. That's why to me their final album, "The visitors", is the best. Perhaps not a song on it in particular, but the album as a whole.

My very favourite song is "The day before you came", the one but last single, which is of course only available on compilations. But one of my least favourite singles is the final one, "Under attack". So if ABBA's next album would have been even better than "The visitors" is difficult to say.
9 mrt 2010 9

This album is unusual for abba end of an era I think but I still love agnethas voice the best don't get me wrong without fridas voice there would be no abba but I tend to find fridas overpowers agnetha voice when they sing live. My favourite songs is head over heels and slipping through my fingers the best megs
11 jan 2010 10

I was living in Brighton in 1974 when ABBA won Eurovision, altough I was only 2 years old. Jump foward to 1984 and my love affair with abba begins proper. I am given a copy of The Visitors lp to listen to by my uncle, and hearing those well crafted melodies crackling out of my stereo sent shivers of excitement down my pre teen spine. I buy a copy of the lp, and most of abba's back catalogue from a second hand store in Brighton and take them home to listen. Every side of each peice of vinyl was new to me, and with each listen I grew to like the tracks more and more. The Visitors may well be Abba's last "official" album, but it was the first one i heard, first one i liked and first one I replaced with the cd version. My fave tracks on the lp are: Soldiers, I Let The Music Speak & One Of Us Stefan
United Kingdom
2 aug 2009 8

After rushing home with the LP on a cold dark evening, I sat in the light of the fire with my headphones on and never wanted it to end.

I love "the visitors" and "soldiers".

"When all is said and done" should of been a single in the U.K. and why was "should I laugh or cry" not on the album?

It may of been ABBA'a last album but just imagine what "Opus 10" might of been with songs like "cassandra" "the day before you came" and Just like that". We will never know!
12 mrt 2008 9

My favourite ABBA album has always been 'The Visitors.' All the songs are so beautiful. It is sad because it was ABBA's last album, but that doesn't make it bad. I love 'I Let The Music Speak', 'Soliders', 'When All Is Said and Done', 'Head Over Heels' and 'The Visitors', but my favourite has to be 'One of Us.'What a fantastic album! Chris
United Kingdom
13 sept 2007 10

For me, this was always my favorite abba album. I am a fan since 1974 and it was so great to live the abbatime. I will never forget the day that "the visitors" was released. I went to the recordstore, came home, played the vinylalbum and I was sold immediatly. I loved 'I let the music speak" from the first time as my favorite abbatrack alltime. What a song.

It turned out it would be their last studio album. But Abba gave us so many good music. I will love them for the rest of my life.

Enjoy "the visitors" as much as I do.


4 feb 2007 10

I dont know why people say The Visitors is a bad album, well mabye a few tracks are boring... Its got all sort's of funny songs and "Head Over Heels" is one of the best! Kamran
2 feb 2007 9


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