Reunion | 25 oktober 2003

ABBA never broke up with a bang. They simply faded away. When Björn and Benny started work for Chess, work for ABBA consequently was put on hold. After Chess and two solo albums by Frida and Agnetha, ABBA simply did not exist anymore. But they never told anyone.

Since then, in hundreds of interviews with one of the former ABBA members the question "will you ever reunite" has been asked. In the eighties ABBA used to say "we don't know, it could happen", in the nineties they at least admitted that ABBA was history.

ABBA may never have appeared in public again, but there have been some private occasions where they performed. Their last known performance was in June 1999 when all four members together sang a birthday song for their friend Görel Hanser. Not a single picture has emerged from that performance, but the ABBA members confirmed that it did happen.

A couple of years ago ABBA received a socalled one billion dollar offer (which was a lot less actually) for a reunion. And ABBA seriously discussed it. Who wouldn't? As we know, ABBA said "No". They said that they would only ever reunite if they thought that it would be fun.

My mind tells me that I should be glad they said "No". Such a reunion is doomed to become a failure. Sure, there are exceptions. The Eagles proved that they still play quite well together. But most reunions are a bit pathetic.

There is absolutely nothing that ABBA could proof when they reunite. Suppose they record a new single. People will compare it with the old hits. That's not fair probably, but it will happen. Any new single that does not stay on top of the charts for weeks will be considered a massive flop.

Suppose they do a concert, maybe even a one-time-only event. If they can't perform like they used to, people will consider it a flop.

So they only can lose when they reunite: it would permanently destroy the ABBA myth.

But IF they announce a one-time-only concert, I will be there. No matter what! It would be my one and only chance to ever see ABBA, quite simply because I never attended a concert back in the seventies. And that was my biggest ABBA mistake ever …

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